RusVelo rider Oxana Kozonchuk on the way to recovery…

Pubblicato 24 Febbraio 2014 | Notizie varie

RusVelo rider Oxana Kozonchuk has started the rehabilitation program following an arm injury complication. She fell in the final race of the winter track nationals in January; initially the doctors didn’t find it serious but later on an infection led to a life-threatening development. Fortunately, now the rider is over the worst and step on the way to recovery. The members of staff of the regional hospital in her hometown of Voronezh say they are quite impressed by a strong willpower and determination demonstrated by a featherweight cyclist. Even at the hardest moment, she never stopped thinking about a fast comeback, and the doctors are sure that this mental factor played as important a role as the therapy. Renat Khamidulin, RusVelo team manager visited Oxana and handed over to her a complete new team kit as a symbolic and psychologically important gesture from the teammates, staff and the fans wishing her a complete and speedy recovery.

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